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    “While China is the focus of the world textile, Keqiao is the focus of the Chinese textile”, this saying can not be more familiar to people in this industry. In?every May,?“China Keqiao Textile Industry Expo”?(KTIE) and?“China Keqiao Textile Printing Industry Expo”(KTPIE) have become unmissable destinations for professionals. China Textile City, is renowned as the largest textile industry cluster in China and the top trade center for the industry worldwide.

    “China Keqiao Textile Industry Expo?2019” and?“China Keqiao Textile Printing Industry Expo?2019” have been successfully?concluded with the 2019 Keqiao Textile Expo (Spring) as a co-located event .?All indicators reaching historic records?this year, exhibition scale reached 34,000 square meters, the three-day exhibitions attracted?52,576 visitors?in total with?8,210 foreign ones included.




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